Eventually, an easy-to-follow manual for weight loss

Eventually, an easy-to-follow manual for weight loss“. This book is not a diet book but it pushes a healthy lifestyle because diet implies short term but changing lifestyle implies long term. What I like in this book is that it encourages slow progress rather than promising magic in a month or so which has been a catchline of many diet/workout plans these days. My favorite line from the book is ” don’t worry about cheating but don’t cheat for a meal” and a very objective approach taken in chapters 6 and 7. Moreover, the author is a nationally recognized medical doctor who has the education, training, and experience to validate what he is talking about. The USP of this book is its simple language and its writing style, owing to which, the reader flows with the book and finds practical and effective advice which can be easily followed. The book is written in a friendly accessible style that makes it an enjoyable read.”

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