Eat MORE, Exercise LESS, and Lose Weight

Eat More Exercise Less Lose Weight Course

This course is designed to develop your skills in healthy eating and physical activity. You will learn the skills needed to eat the food that your like and incorporate activity in your daily routine and still lose weight. 

Table of Contents

Course Content


How can you improve your health, look fit, and feel energetic by eating more and exercising less? This section will explain what you will learn from this course. All lectures are backed by scientific data.

  • What will you learn?Preview
  • S1. Lesson 1 – Introduction to course5 mins
  • S1-Lesson 2 – What is a healthy weight?6 mins
  • Section 1 – Quiz


This section introduces you to and explains the science of healthy weight loss. Why do people crave certain food? How does energy balance affect our weight? What is the difference between overfat vs overweight?

  • S2-Lesson 1 – Energy Balance8 mins
  • S2-Lesson 2 – Overfat vs Overweight.mp47 mins
  • S2-Lesson 3 – Role of Habits in Achieving a Healthy Weight9 mins
  • How to measure percent body fat.pdf97.3 KB
  • Section 2 – Quiz


In this section, you will learn about “What do I mean by eating more?” You will also debunk FAD diets and weight loss myths. You will learn what constitutes a healthy eating pattern.

  • S3-Lesson 1 – What do you mean by eating more?14 mins
  • S3-Lesson 2 – Debunking FAD Diets14 mins
  • S3-Lesson 3 – Weight Loss Myths13 mins
  • S3-Lesson 4 – Best Macronutrient Combination for Fat Loss11 mins
  • S3-Lesson 5 – What is a healthy eating pattern?17 mins
  • S3-Lesson 6 – How to track calories when eating out (screencast)?4 mins
  • Serving Size Card.pdf208 KB
  • Section 3 – Quiz


In this section, you will learn about various types of physical activities. You will learn how the exercise’s intensity affects energy balance and how does strength training is better than an aerobic activity to lose fat.

  • S4-Lesson 1 – How much activity does one need?11 mins
  • S4-Lesson 2 – Should I do Strength Training?9 mins
  • S4-Lesson 3 – How to look skinnier and boost metabolism10 mins
  • Strength Training Workouts without Equipment.pdf1.16 MB
  • Section 4 – QuizBook a Counseling session with Dr. Gupta


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