Clinical test to predict effectiveness of antidepressants available next year


Two companies have jointly worked on a clinical depression support tool that predicts the effectiveness of antidepressants.

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According to a press release from France-based Cerba healthcare, Predictix, which was developed by Israeli digital health company Taliaz, this clinical depression support tool will be available next year.

Predictix uses artificial intelligence to analyze multiple streams of patient data, such as metabolic, demographic, genetic, and clinical information, according to their press release.

The tool was developed to guide the management of depressed patients by presenting the medication with the best chance of therapeutic success the first time. This cuts down on trial and error and helps lower the cost of management, and patients get effective medication in the first trial.

According to the release, doctors receive a personalized report for each patient predicting statistical efficacy, potential side effects, and dosage based on the patient’s health record and pharmacogenetic makeup. Predictix clinical research demonstrated a 72.2% response rate, and real-world data showed 90% of patients experienced clinical improvement after 8 weeks.

According to the release, the solution will be available to patients throughout the cerba healthcare clinical routine pathology network by January.

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